Popular Career Specialties With a Psychology Degree

So you’ve earned a psychology degree…now what. There are actually a number of careers your can consider, most of them depending on your specialty while in school. Specializing allows you to better prepare for the specific challenges in your field of psychology. Let’s take a look at your specialty options and how that translates into a career path.

Psychology Specialties

Most psychology specialties surround one factor: the type of person you hope to help after you graduate. Specialties include school psychology, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, career counseling, clinical psychology, pharmacology, neuropsychology, geropsychology, industrial-organizational psychology, family counseling, and developmental psychology. So, for example, if you’re interested in working with children, school psychology or development psychology makes sense for your specialty, while if you hope to work with those dealing with addiction, drug and alcohol rehabilitation might be the perfect specialty.

Types of Psychology Careers

Regardless of your psychology specialty, there are essentially three career paths you can take with a psychology degree. First, the most popular path is clinical psychology. With a clinical career, you’ll work in the field as a psychologist, which could include counseling, treating mental disease patients, and diagnosing problems. In most areas, you need at least a master’s degree to work in this capacity. The second type of psychology career is research. With this type of career, you’ll study human behavior and help develop medical equipment, counseling treatment techniques, pharmaceuticals, diagnosis methods, and more. Most researchers go on to get a doctorate in this field eventually, though you can get started working in a lab with just a bachelor’s degree. Lastly, you can go into the third type of career as a psychologist – teaching. There are two types of teaching paths – public health allows you to work with the general public to raise awareness for psychology-related issues, while university teaching, as the name implies, is for those who want to become psychology professors.

Tailoring your Education

At most colleges, you don’t have to pick a specialty or career path right away. You’ll start by taking more general psychology classes and then move on to more advanced studies in areas that interest you. Don’t be afraid to explore multiple specialties before choosing just one – that’s what college is for!

Guide to Campus and Online Psychology Degrees

Kaplan University BS in Psychology BS in Child Psychology MS in Psychology MS in Addictions Psychology Kaplan University – Kaplan University offers online degrees, BS in Psychology, BS in Child Psychology and MS in Psychology. This program examines the major concepts, values, theories, studies, research methods, and historical trends in psychology as they apply to human behavior, learning and development.
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Liberty University AA in Psychology BS in Psychology Liberty University – Liberty University offers online degrees, AA in Psychology and BS in Psychology. This program seeks to transmit and expand knowledge, as well as provide opportunities for research and service. Specializations include Adult Development, Child/Adolescent Development, Clinical/Experimental, Human Services/Counseling, and Industrial/Organizational. Career opportunities range from private practice to human resources.
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Post University BA in Psychology Post University – Post University offers an online BA in Psychology degree. This program has two applied tracks: Health, Education and Community Services and Organizational Studies. Additionally, students at Post take courses in liberal arts, organized leadership and personal development. Graduates are prepared to work as behavior analysts, casework, family social workers and research specialists.
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University of Phoenix AA in Psychology BS in Psychology MS in Psychology PhD in I/O Psychology University of Phoenix – The University of Phoenix offers online degree programs, AA in Psychology and BS in Psychology. In this program students focus on the general practices, rather than the clinical psychology of individuals. Courses include: General Psychology, Theories of Personality, Multicultural Psychology, Psychology of Learning, Physiological Psychology, Lifespan Development and Learning and Organizational Psychology.
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Grand Canyon University BS in Psychology MS in General Psychology MS in I/O Psychology PhD in Cognitive Psychology PhD in I/O Psychology Grand Canyon University – Grand Canyon University offers online degrees, BS in Psychology and MS in General Psychology. This program offers a broad array of courses that increase the understanding of past and present human actions. Courses include: General Psychology, Ethical Thinking in the Liberal Arts, Personality Psychology, and Lifespan Development.
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South University BA in Psychology South University – South University offers an online BA program in Psychology. This program is designed to provide students with a broad background in general education and to provide initial training and quality instruction for students seeking entry-level careers. Courses include: Statistics for Behavioral Sciences, Human Growth and Development, Research Methods, and Social Psychology.
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Walden University MS in Psychology MS in Clinical Psychology MS in Leadership Psychology MS in Social Psychology PhD in Psychology Walden University – Walden University offers online degrees, MS in Psychology and MS in Clinical Psychology. This program provides students with a broad understanding of psychology. Students will apply psychological theories to current issues in psychology. Concentrations include: Child Development Infant Toddler and Preschool, Criminal Justice, Human Services, and Psychology Applied to Everyday Life.
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California University of Pennsylvania MS in Sport Psychology California University of Pennsylvania – California University of Pennsylvania offers an online MS in Sport Psychology degree. This program is designed for the health/fitness professional, or personal trainer hoping to gain knowledge from the psychological perspective to enhance their current practice behavior. Courses include: Special Topics in Sport Psychology, and Psychological Aspects of Sport Injury and Rehabilitation.
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