5 Ways Spirituality Can Boost Wellness

It’s a diverse world we live in, one that is filled with a number of religions and Gods. Some religions like Buddhism are a way of life, others like Christianity and Islam believe in the teachings of one God, while yet others like Hinduism have a pantheon of Gods and rituals. And then there are the atheists and agnostics as well, the ones who believe that there is no God or spiritual being who is responsible for our destiny. But spirituality is something that is innate in each of us; it is godly and even goes beyond God because even non-believers can be spiritual. To define it in a nutshell, spirituality is the voice of your conscience, that tiny nudge from inside that tells you if you’re doing right or wrong.

So how do you use spirituality to boost your wellness quotient, that instant feeling when you wake up in the morning that tells you all is well with your world?

  • Listen to your conscience: In short, don’t do anything that makes you feel guilty after it’s done. If you knowingly do something wrong, your conscience is going to prick you continuously until you apologize for your mistake or seek amends in an alternative way.
  • Do unto others as you would have them do unto you: This sounds like something from the Bible, but it applies to practical life very well. If you don’t like being lied to or cheated, don’t do the same to other people. If you want respect and admiration, be prepared to offer them yourself. In general, people respond to the way you treat them, and treat you accordingly.
  • Expect very little: I always teach my children that expectation is the root cause of disappointment. When you expect other people to make you happy or relieve your sadness, you’re only building a dependence that could become addictive and unhealthy. Instead, trust your own mind and heart and find ways to build your self-esteem and confidence without looking to other people to boost them for you.
  • Give in to your loved ones: No man is an island, and the relationships we form as we go through life say a lot about us. When you value your loved ones and treat them well, you forge deeper and more emotional bonds with them. And you’re not going to lose anything when you give in to them once in a while instead of getting your way all the time. Relationships are all about tolerance and understanding, not who’s right or wrong.
  • Let go of everything that’s unhealthy: It may be a relationship that is going nowhere; it could be the food that you gorge on; or it could be a lifestyle that is hedonistic – whatever it is that is unhealthy and causes stress, it’s best you give it up for your own good. It will be difficult at first, but when you strive hard and hold on to your willpower and self-control, you’ll be very satisfied that you beat a personal demon.

Getting to know your spiritual side and becoming more in tune with it helps you become a better person, someone with fewer base emotions and more good ones.